Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs


How to Get Started As a Dog/Handler Team

Why be a therapy dog volunteer?

Contact with animals is very important to many people, especially those who find themselves in a setting where they are out of touch with a pet they may have had to leave at home.

Who is eligible to join?

We accept well-mannered dogs of any size or breed except Wolf-hybrids & Coyote-hybrids.  We do not provide obedience training for dogs. We take appropriately behaved dogs and help the dog/handler team interact in various facility settings. In order to be considered for our program, your dog must be:

  • At least 1 year of age
  • Reasonably calm
  • Able to obey you amidst distractions
  • At ease with being handled by strangers
  • Able to get along easily with other dogs
  • Healthy and current on all vaccinations

Our process

Come and watch a visit! See what we are all about! This will give you an idea as to what we expect of our dogs and handlers before starting the program. You and your dog must pass a simple temperament/behavior test to show that your dog can walk on a loose leash, can be handled by strangers, and can get along with other dogs. We do need proof from a veterinarian that your dog is current on vaccinations, and has had both a physical exam and an annual fecal exam, before he/she can be tested.

Contact: Sheryll Barker

Board Members

President: Sheryll Barker

VP of Activities : Margie Downum

VP of Membership: Kim Cameron

Secretary: Jennifer Allen

Treasurer: Beverly Reynolds

For technical inquiries only: Webmaster

For new facility inquiries or special event requests for therapy teams: Sheryll Barker

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